I have always loved art! Growing up, my mom was the art teacher at my small private school. Sometimes we would both sprawl out our art materials all over my dad's handmade dining room table. I loved making pieces that were meaningful to me but also nice to look at. During my high school years, I found my home in my art classes. I fell in love with film and digital photography. My amazing photography teacher taught me how to tell a story through images. I continued my artistic interests during college at James Madison University (GO DUKES!). I took more photography classes and captured moments with my friends on a cheap digital camera. I loved saving these memories that were so special to me. I graduated with a degree in Art Education and have loved teaching elementary art for the last several years. I met and married my sweet husband after college; a fellow teacher and avid fly fisherman. We are loving life on our property in the Shenandoah Valley. 

Hi, there!


life can have purpose and fullness because of Jesus
there are no mornings like slow coffee mornings
there's not much that a long walk can't cure
chocolate makes everything better

I Believe...