WarRENTON | personal branding | Joan wiberg 

What an honor to capture some personal branding images for my talented artist mom, Joan Wiberg! She is a gifted Plein Air painter who spends her time creating beautiful compositions of outdoor locations across Virginia and beyond. My mom's studio on the property where I grew up in scenic Fauquier County is her oasis. I am constantly surprised how devoted she is to her craft; spending uninterrupted hours each day painting in her studio.

December 29, 2022

My mom has been an artist all her life. I was fortunate enough to have my mom as my elementary and middle school art teacher! She would tell her students of when her dream of being an artist started; painting a jungle scene with a snake on a small wooden board when she was young. She still has the board and would bring it to school and show us.  My love of art and creativity grew each year as mom and I would have 'art time' on the dining room table. She would be working on a painting and I would be creating something of my own, glancing over at her while she worked.  

As a painter, the artist says she is most influenced by the work of Edward Hopper, Fairfield Porter, and Nell Blaine. I have always been attracted to the color palette my mom uses in her work. Her paintings are in various local galleries including the Middle Street Gallery in Little Washington and the Cottage Curator in Sperryville. You can view more of her lovely work at her website and social media linked below.  What a fun day capturing my mom's artistic gifts at my childhood home!


Joan Wiberg Fine Art